As specialists in  pelvic floor conditions, we commonly see patients affected by atrophy or a condition called genitourinary syndrome of menopause.  This can cause a number of symptoms for women, including vaginal dryness, recurrent infections (vaginal or urinary tract infections), worsened bladder function and incontinence and painful intercourse.  Traditional treatments include the use of vaginal estrogens, however for many women, the use of hormones is not an acceptable option or has not provided adequate relief with use. 

Fortunately, a newer treatment option is available using laser or energy based therapy for gynecologist treatments.  We have used laser therapies for over 3-years and are the only center in the United States that has conducted research on the impact of laser therapy on vaginal tissue's properties to allow for a customized treatment plan as needed.  This allows us to look for baseline elasticity, muscle tone and scar tissue and monitor tissue improvement with treatments. 

We are also the only center in the region to have access to two laser options, the MonaLisa Touch (CO2 laser) and the Diva (Erbium and Yag laser) to allow the most advanced and individualized treatments for our patients.  

All patients interested in laser therapy are scheduled for a complete examination and consultation prior to treatment for proper assessment to see whether you are a candidate for the treatments.  Call 609-924-2230 for an appointment to see if this therapy is right for you!

We are excited to now offer the most innovative treatment option for vaginal atrophy  without estrogen...

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