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Vaginal Laser Therapies


As specialists in  pelvic floor conditions, we

commonly see patients affected by atrophy

or a condition called genitourinary

syndrome of menopause.  

This can cause a number of symptoms

for women, including vaginal dryness, recurrent

infections (vaginal or urinary tract infections),

worsened bladder function and incontinence

and painful intercourse.  

Traditional treatments include the use of vaginal

estrogens, however for many women, the use of hormones

is not an acceptable option or has not provided adequate

relief with use.  


Fortunately, a newer treatment option is available using

laser or energy  based therapy for gynecologist treatments.  We have used laser therapies for over 10-years and are the only center in the United States that has conducted research on the impact of laser therapy on vaginal tissue's properties to allow for a customized treatment plan as needed.  This allows us to look for baseline elasticity, muscle tone and scar tissue and monitor tissue improvement with treatments. 

We are also the only center in the region to have access to two laser options, the MonaLisa Touch (CO2 laser) and the Diva (a combination of Erbium and Yag laser) to allow the most advanced and individualized treatments for our patients.  

All patients interested in laser therapy are scheduled for a complete examination and consultation prior to treatment for proper assessment to see whether you are a candidate for the treatments.  







Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of vaginal laser therapy?

If aging or childbirth is affecting your self-confidence and you would consider a non-surgical approach to vaginal therapy, vaginal laser therapies will make you pleasantly surprised. The benefits associated with the laser treatments include:

  • Stronger vaginal tissue

  • Increased sexual satisfaction

  • Increased vaginal moisture

  • Renewed self-confidence

  • Improved intimacy with your partner

  • Improves stress urinary incontinence

How is vaginal laser therapy performed?

Vaginal laser therapy is a quick, safe, and simple procedure that will leave you feeling confident and youthful once again.


The procedure requires the laser probe to be inserted into the vagina and the laser is rotated to treat the vaginal walls in a circumferential pattern. The actual treatment is a quick 5-10 minute procedure performed in-office by our providers. Following your treatment, you may return to work or your normal schedule.




Vaginal laser therapy recovery

The state of the art technologies of diVA and MonaLisa are not only effective, they require little to no downtime. You may experience mild vagina discharge or bleeding for the first 48 hours. You may return to work immediately after your procedure, allowing you to fit diVa treatment sessions easily into your busy schedule.

How many treatments are needed?

We  recommend 3 treatments performed 4-6 weeks apart for the initial therapy, and then annual therapies to maintain the treatment effect.


Hear what patients are talking about! 

Request a Laser Consultation

To request an consultation, please fill out the information below and our office will contact you.   

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