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Telehealth Appointments:

We do have some exciting news that will help us care for our patients during this difficult time. We are now able to schedule telehealth appointments to our existing and new Princeton Urogynecology patients!

We will be contacting our patient with cancelled appointments, as well as appointments scheduled for the near future and offering the ability to have a face-to-face visit with your provider.   In general, many of the conditions we treat can be addressed via telehealth.   If you would like to schedule a telehealth visit, please call our office, our nurses can let you know which appointments are appropriate for telehealth and which may not be.

You can have a telehealth visit either from your computer equipped with a camera or from your cell phone.  You must have a camera on your computer or phone to have a telehealth visit.

About Telehealth:

In order to be able to provide our patients with the highest level of care possible, we have implemented a plan to begin telehealth appointments starting March 19th.  

In general, many conditions can be addressed via telehealth visits and we are able to perform some of our medication rechecks, refills, or changes via this platform as well.  By calling our office, our nurses can let you know which appointments are appropriate for telehealth and which may not be.


How Does Telehealth work?

You can have a telehealth visit either from your computer equipped with a camera or from your cell phone.  You must have a camera on your computer to have a telehealth visit.


It will speed up the process tremendously if you register through our website to have all the correct information in place.  Be very careful when you enter your email address and cell number during registration, as this is how communication to you will happen regarding your account and visits.


When you need to schedule an appointment, you MUST call the office to speak to one of our phone nurses. This will work just like it does now with an office visit, except you will be able to do it from the comfort of your home.  Calling the office will allow us to make sure we perform appropriate triage to confirm the appointment is appropriate for telehealth, the appointment time is set up in our system properly, and the physician you are requesting is available. Please arrive for your virtual appointment 10-15 minutes early to insure technical issues are not a barrier to a smooth experience.

The specific website for our practice: 


You will receive an email and/or text with the link to enter the telehealth "waiting room". Log on early so you can make sure your connection is set up properly and camera/microphone enabled before your appointment time.  The provider will then invite you into the room for a visit at the time of your appointment.

For instructions and helpful videos about how to connect, click on the image below:








Important Billing and Regulatory Information

If any information has changed since your last visit to the office, please let us know when you schedule your appointment over the phone with our nurses.  These visits are submitted to your insurance like visits to the office are and we are expecting that they will be covered in the same manner as in-office visits by your insurance company, however there is a possibility that they may not be covered.  In cases where the insurance company does not cover the visit, you will be responsible for payment.   


If visits in the office are typically applied to your deductible or have a co-insurance requirement, this may be the same for telehealth visits.  Please understand that there may be a bill associated with these visits just as there may be with in-office visits, and we will do our best to process these claims expeditiously.  Please be patient with our business office staff as we work through these issues. Bills will only come from our office, you will not receive any bill from


We look forward to adding this service to our practice for our patients and to continue to provide you with the care you need.

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